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Dynaωo aims at providing power system stakeholders with a transparent, flexible, interoperable and robust suite of simulation tools that could ease collaboration and cooperation in the power system community. To achieve this goal, Dynaωo is based on two mains principles: the use of a high-level modelling language Modelica and a strict separation between the modelling and the solving parts.

Dynaωo is an hybrid C++/Modelica complete and coherent open source suite of simulation tools for power systems, sharing the same philosophy:

  • DynaFlow for steady-state calculations
  • DySym for short-circuit calculations
  • DynaWaltz for long-term stability simulations
  • DynaSwing for short-term stability studies
  • DynaWave for stability studies and system design with a high-penetration of power-electronics based components (quasi-EMT)
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License Mozilla Public License v2
Embedded licenses: OpenModelica 1.13.2 (GNU GPL v3 or OSMC Public License V1.2)
SuiteSparse / KLU 5.10.1 (GNU LGPL)
Adept 2.1.1 (Apache 2.0)
Xerces-C++ 3.2.2 (Apache 2.0)
Libxml2 2.9.4 (MIT)
PowSyBl 1.4.0 (MPL v2)
jQuery 1.3.4 (MIT or GPL V3.0)
cpplint 2.6.1 (BSD)
gperftools 2.6.1 (BSD)
MPICH 3.4.2 (BSD-like)
Asset Owner(s): RTE, le gestionnaire du réseau de transport | RTE (rte-france.com)
Asset Authors: A. Guironnet, M. Saugier, S. Petitrenaud, F. Xavier, P. Panciatici et al.
Editor: LF Energy – Leading the energy transition through 
global open source collaboration.
Host: https://dynawo.github.io/
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(1) Free of charge.

If you use Dynaωo in your work or research, please quote the following paper in your publications or presentations:

@inproceedings{Guironnet_2018, doi = {10.1109/isgteurope.2018.8571872}, url = {https://doi.org/10.1109%2Fisgteurope.2018.8571872}, year = 2018, month = {oct}, publisher = , author = {Adrien Guironnet and Marianne Saugier and Sebastien Petitrenaud and Florent Xavier and Patrick Panciatici}, title = {Towards an Open-Source Solution using Modelica for Time-Domain Simulation of Power Systems}, booktitle = {2018 {IEEE} {PES} Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe ({ISGT}-Europe)}}

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