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The EnerygSHR platform is developped by TU Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam, a.o. as part of their cooperation in Convergence.

EnergySHR aims at practically experiencing how data and algorithms, preferably tensely linked to each other, can be shared, as a basis for better cooperation on energy transition research and innovation between scientists from academia, public and private sector, to accelerate research, collaboration and innovation in the energy transition.

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License: N.A. The EnergySHR platform describes & gives access to various datasets & algorithms, each associated to its specific authors and license. Every User must obey the license and terms of use of every dataset or algorithm they access as demanded on the EnergySHR platform.
Embedded licenses: GAIA-X
Asset Owner(s): TU Delft
Asset Authors: C. Duterloo, D. Gollnast, Harmen van der Kooij et al.
Editor TU Delft
Host TU Delft
Fees: EnergySHR per se is free of charge, its content may not

Available associated services:

Service Available? (conditions) Service terms of reference
Promotion  yes (1) See Article 12.1  of the ToRs

(1) Free of charge.

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As User, you are liable for any consequence of usage and misuse of the Asset and for any Intellectual Property Right infringement while using a Result or set of Results in any way.

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