Event Date

March 27, 2023

Event Time

8:00 am CEST

Event Location

E.On Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen

The Forschung Zentrum Jülich & RWTH Achen organise the 2nd International workshop on “Open Source Modelling and Simulation of Energy Systems” in Aachen.

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Simulation is an essential tool to manage the complexity of modern energy systems (…). The distributed nature of new resources (generation and storage) and the participation of loads in energy management require fast, reactive control and protection. In this context, it is expected that the monitoring and control of modern energy systems will be characterized by the distribution of functions. At the same time, a large use of communication media is envisioned. The interactions between continuous dynamics and discrete events are becoming more relevant due to the increasing number of controllable devices (e.g., power electronic converters in power grids) and the use of networked control systems. In addition, power systems are increasingly driven by market competition, and the impact on system operation should also be considered.

In this context, several research groups have developed modelling and simulation solutions to address these challenges, and they have disseminated their software using an open-source approach. The workshop will address all aspects related to the use and development of open source tools for power and energy systems modelling and simulation. The main objective of the workshop is to foster discussion on these topics among experts from academia, industry and utilities.

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Event Location

  • E.On Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen
  • Aachen
  • Germany

Event Schedule Details

  • March 27, 2023 8:00 am CEST   -   March 29, 2023 5:00 pm CEST