Event Date

February 1, 2024

Event Time

1:00 pm CET

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NB: registration for the Feb/1st & 2nd 2024 session are closed.

Further sessions can be organised as soon as enough participants register at contact@cresym.eu.


Training course title “Power system dynamics, control and stability: hands-on workshop based on case studies”
Teacher Prof. Thierry Van Cutsem
Target audience Young engineers, junior researchers, more advanced engineers who wish to strengthen their knowledge
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of power systems (operation principles, components, etc.)
Duration 10 hours, spread on 2 days
Number of attendees Less than 10 (possibly from diverse companies) in order to favour interactions with the audience
Location On site training, location to be determined based on the origin of the attendees
IT Each attendee must bring his/her own laptop with the STEPSS software pre-installed (easy procedure)
Language English
Program/description This course illustrates various notions of power system dynamics, control, and stability through case studies of a simple test system. First, the modelling of the system will be presented in detail. Then, the Attendees will perform various simulations using STEPSS. Simulation results will be discussed together. Additional slides will summarise the notions and generalise to real-life systems. The course will mainly focus on describing phenomena pertaining to angle, frequency, and voltage dynamics.

Other objectives are to interpret the results of dynamic simulations, to cross-check those simulations as far as possible with basic notions such as droop, phasor diagrams, control scheme, etc.

A 5-bus test system will be considered. Extensions to a larger IEEE test system is an option.

Logistics 1 meeting room, plus refreshments & snacks will be provided.

Travel, meal & accommodation expenses are excluded.

Every Trainee all details about the venue, the procedure to install STEPSS and advise for accommodation prior the scheduled date (as much as one week before if the Agreement signature allows for it).

Price 300 €/Attendee for CRESYM members (600 €/Attendee else)
Event Expired

Event Location

  • Brussels
  • Square de Meeûs, 38-40
  • Brussels
  • Belgium

Event Schedule Details

  • February 1, 2024 1:00 pm CET   -   February 2, 2024 6:00 pm CET