VILLAS framework

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VILLASframework is a toolset for local and geographically distributed real-time co-simulation, originally designed for electrical networks (though it can also be used without restrictions for simulation of multi-physical systems).

The framework consists of several independent components, which can be combined according to requirements and needed functions:

  • Central is VILLASnode as interface for the coupling between the involved components. It enables real-time data exchange via various protocols and data formats.
  • In addition, VILLASweb provides a web-based user interface with which scenarios, user groups, laboratory infrastructure and measurement results can be managed. The execution of experiments can be monitored and controlled by means of a freely programmable virtual control room. For this purpose, real-time data can be transferred directly to the web-based control room via the VILLASnode interface.
  • The configuration, inventory and control of the involved laboratory infrastructure is realised via the VILLAScontroller, which exchanges the current status as well as control commands and configurations between the virtual control room and the laboratory infrastructure.
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