Project description

Reasons behind this project

Wide-area oscillations is a complex and dangerous phenomena on power systems, that is in addition difficult to model and simulate even for AC systems and their rather simple synchronous machines. The large development of power electronics devices, required for every wind and solar piece of equipement, add to this complexity.

Project objectives

In a nutshell, WOLF-I aims at gaining a deeper understanding of the role of IBRs in the damping of inter-area oscillations and develop methods and tools to design POD controllers for new devices.

It is a PhD work, with two main tasks:

  • Conducting fundamental studies to assess the impact of IBRs on inter-area oscillation damping, by employing small-scale test cases.
  • Designing POD controllers of devices such as FACTS and HVDC links, building reduced-order models based on large-scale models.

Tangibly, the first task should deliver SSST and test cases, and the second scripts.

Project members

WOLF-I is a PhD work supervised by Comillas and sponsored by RTE.

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