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CRESYM is a non-profit association, gathering industrial & academic research organisations and aiming at solving the coming challenges for the future, fast-evolving European energy system.

We foster collaborative R&D works to deliver opensource energy system simulation tools

We foster efficient collaborations on low-TRL R&D issues of general interest.
We promote, and rely on, opensource principles.
We shall maintain useful technological building blocks available for all researchers & engineers.

Ongoing projects


Optimisation of the grid configuration (topology) for the power grid operation to ensure an acceptable level of electricity supply reliability.

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LaRISA – Large Res Integration Stability Analysis

The Slovenian network will experience in the next 10 years a high growth of electricity demand, decreasing inertia due to an high level of RES penetration (40% in energy coverage), and an increasing level of cross border exchanges. Stability issues must be tackled in network planning exercise.

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BiGER Explore

BiGER shall bridge the gap between EMT and RMS modelling, for stability studies and daily operation of fast, active components-dominated power systems

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