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BiGER shall bridge the gap between EMT and RMS modelling, for stability studies and daily operation of fast, active components-dominated power systems

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DiSST expands the SOGNO platform to help distribution companies meet their 3D goals (digitalisation, decarbonation, decentralisation).

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Harmony is a toolkit for easy harmonic analyses of (local EMT), to assess multi-terminal HVDC power systems, TSO-DSO interface, controller interoperability and HVDC protection

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MUESSLI aims at “smart-linking” simulation tools to perform cross-sector, actually scalable, simulations and enable the optimal development and operation of an holistic “energy system” (power, heat, transportation, etc.) with electricity and hydrogen as main carriers.

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Restoration aims at exploring the advantages and disadvantages of power-electronics interfaced components during network restoration procedures, and to outline recommendations for BESS-based restoration plans.

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