Complementary to other related research (interOPERA, HVDC-wise, etc.), Inter-oPEn investigates how openness ("whiteboxes" especially) can unlock interoperability issues of power electronic (PE) devices in power systems, marrying both technological and legal aspects. The project is sponsored by EC's Horizon Europe program

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Restoration aims at exploring the advantages and disadvantages of power-electronics interfaced components during network restoration procedures, and to outline recommendations for BESS-based restoration plans.

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Harmony is a toolkit for easy harmonic analyses of (local EMT), to assess multi-terminal HVDC power systems, TSO-DSO interface, controller interoperability and HVDC protection

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WOLF-I stands for Wide-area Oscillations of Low Frequency with presence of IBRs (Inverter-Based Resources). Wide-area oscillations is a complex phenomena on power systems, all the more difficult to model and simulate that power electronics devices are now involved. On the other hand, the technology may bring in new opportunities.

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LaRISA – Large Res Integration Stability Analysis

The Slovenian network will experience in the next 10 years a high growth of electricity demand, decreasing inertia due to an high level of RES penetration (40% in energy coverage), and an increasing level of cross border exchanges. Stability issues must be tackled in network planning exercise.

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MUESSLI aims at “smart-linking” simulation tools to perform cross-sector, actually scalable, simulations and enable the optimal development and operation of an holistic “energy system” (power, heat, transportation, etc.) with electricity and hydrogen as main carriers.

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